Aadhaar UIDAI request signing using PHP

just figured this out. Saw many other people also looking for the Aadhar xml signing.

Posted the UIDAI php files on GitHub.


Will post explanations later.

Have fun..

A better f***ing cron… fcron. cron in seconds

There have been times when i wished that I could trigger the script multiple times in a minute using cron.

Considering how old the system crontab (Vixie cron) is in linux, they should have had the option to trigger the cron in seconds.

I recently had to run a script multiple times in a minute and didn’t really want to use sleep. During my search I stumbled across FCRON. Its an enhanced cron with more features.

You can download fcron from http://fcron.free.fr/. Like the url says it is free.

Installation is pretty straight forward.

I happened to install it on debian jessie, but should work in almost any *nix based system.

Installation guide ( debian jessie )
~# wget http://fcron.free.fr/archives/fcron-3.2.0.src.tar.gz
~# tar -xzf fcron-3.2.0.src.tar.gz
~# cd fcron-3.2.0/
~# ./configure
~# make
~# make install
~# /etc/init.d/fcron start

fcron by default uses vim as its editor. I like using nano for simple edits. To change the default editor to nano
~# nano /usr/local/etc/fcron.conf

Change the line where it says editor to your favourite editor
editor = /usr/bin/nano


eg. to trigger the fcron every 10 seconds,
~# fcrontab -e
@ 10s php5 -f /location/to/your/script.php

Fcron Hom Page – http://fcron.free.fr
Documentation – http://fcron.free.fr/doc/en/index.html